Defining Beauty

I stumbled upon this:

It’s a link to a message Lane Bryant posted on the site in response to the fact that ads for their plus size lingerie ads have been edited or refused by stations who have victoria’s secrets ads running in the same slot this ad was scheduled for.

Now, who knows?  There may be something in this ad that upsets Fox and ABC.  Something beyond buxom, full figure girls in lingerie.  I haven’t seen the ad.  (there is a link but I didn’t click it because I don’t really like watching videos on my computer (huh! I didn’t realize that about myself until I typed it) but let’s assume for a moment that there is nothing more.

Nothing beyond the idea that these major networks don’t want to show over weight girls in their “unmentionables”.  What does that mean?  What message does that send us, their viewers.

I am actually not going to give you my opinion on the matter.

I don’t think I should have to.


Our President

I stumbled upon some bumper stickers today.  Anti-Obama bumper stickers. And they made me mad.  They made me really, really mad.

They weren’t shy about the utter bull shit they spewed.

My personal favorite: Obama is a muslim

Who the fuck cares if Obama is a muslim?  Oh, wait.  Everyone cares apparently.

I think we have bigger problems.  MUCH BIGGER Problems.

And I hate to have to say this but I am NOT disappointed in Obama.  And that has a lot to do with what my expectations were.  They were low.

Not Bush-low for cripe’s sake but not messiah high either.

And there are a lot of people out there feeling very disappointed, disillusioned, and dissed.

I am not one of them.  I am not a liberal.  I am not a conservative and I am a screaming fist pumping patriot.

I love this country.  I love that we can have these debates.  I love that we can be so disappointed in our president.  I love that we can make fun of, call names to and otherwise deride those in power.

I do not think that means that we can’t be respectful.  And I do think that this presidency has made us as a country cross a line that has, until this president, been clearly defined.

There is no respect for the office.  There is no respect for my vote.  There is no level of basic courtesy.

They call him out as he addresses the country.  AS PRESIDENT!

They refuse to perform their jobs, limit their involvement and otherwise act as though they are not accountable.

And I’ve had enough. 

I will be standing up to support congress in November.  And I will most likely be disappointed because I can’t figure out where everyone else went.

How did he get elected?

Where are those supporters now?  Are they all republican?  Have they all decided that conservatism is the answer?

Or are they now liberals, moderates and other names of distinction that mean they feel Obama isn’t doing enough.  Isn’t making enough change?

Because I have to tell you, there is no way someone more liberal is going to be elected.  NO WAY.

We will have yet another conservative white male shoving family values and conservative ideals down our throats if we can’t stand behind this president.

He is still our best chance for change.  Still a good choice for president.

And I still have hope.

And I realize that we as a country are going to need more than that.

And I’m prepared.