One is not a party

I am ashamed to admit that I decided the entirety of all case workers  based on one shining example of incompetence.

I am here to repent.

Happily, I might add.

Because I wanted very much to be FOR the case workers.  And?  The good news is – I am.

I am proud to say that I have met some very dedicated people and last night I met the social worker I thought all social workers were.

A man with a mission.  A man with a good heart and kindness that is tangible.

And this man works with other people just like him (I’m sure of it).

He works weekends and evenings.  He handles calls about children who want to commit suicide and apologizes that this call made him late to see YOU.

He has no children of his own – he handles the children of others and he does it with knowledge compassion and respect.

He is there to help.  And listen.  And offer guidance.

And so I say HOORAY for the social worker.  (and boo to the people I met along the way who malign the name)

And I apologize to anyone who took offense at my offensiveness.


Our particular experience was kinda sucky.

And I am so glad to have been shamed.

In other news?  We are trying to make some tough decisions about the children in our care.

The truth of our situation has become clearer and the fact that we might have been (intentionally) mislead , wrong  unclear about the entire situation has come to light.

And now we need to decide how to deal with this.

And the future.

Two things I know now:

1.  Having two additional kids added to our family is great

2. There’s a good chance it won’t be these two


Japanese Puppet Show

Sunday found me in front of the TV watching walls of water wipe out a country.

I quickly turned the channel as my older kids walked into the room but…they got to see.

And it’s not that I don’t want them to know.  I do.  But I was worried about some graphically graphic image (think dead body) showing up on the screen and them (me) having to deal with that.

So, instead I showed them how tsunamis form using a tupperware container, a bar of soap and water.

And then I placed some blocks on a plate perched on top of an inverted cup and shook the cup to show them how the earthquake worked.

And then.

Well, then I answered a lot of questions. 

But I was happy to do it.

I want my kids to know what’s going on in the world.

I just don’t want them seeing dead bodies.

Not yet anyway.

Not til they’re doctors.