So I called her Shmoopy

My daughter, the princess, has a very deliberate way that she lets me know that she feels I am showing favoritism or generally not being nice or loving.

She calls me on it.
Straight to my face.
With no shame and no apologies.

This morning it was because I was using my “hard” mommy voice with her but called her brother “baby” when I answered his question.
(the most annoying thing about this habit of hers is that she is always right.)
(very irritating.)

So this morning she yelled out in a desperate voice.
“Call me baby too Mommy!”

Which I read as: be nice to me too mommy, love me too mommy, make me feel special too mommy.

And so I said:
“But baby why should I call you baby, when I can call you my shmoopy loopy boopy girl.”

And she giggled. Her brother giggled.
I giggled.

And just like that we were alright again.

I wonder if Shmoopy will work in her teenage years…
…I’m sure going to try it.


Getting Laid (off)

We had to lay someone off this week. We decided to do it on a Thursday this time. We wanted to have a day for people to talk and ask questions before having the weekend to get over it…

Let me just save you, if ever you have this fool hearty idea.


Makes your whole Friday suck.