Use your words


“Use your words.”

I tell my children this all the time.

“Words are important.  Powerful.

Words are your most valuable weapon.”

I tell them this daily.

And I believe it is true –  Words have power.





And word choice is important.

And this is becoming even clearer to me as the Democrats slide down a wordless slope of ineffectiveness.

Republicans use more powerful words.

Fear. Crime. Hate. Death.

And unfortunately, the words of hope are softer.

Peace. Citizenship. Community.

But they are also truer.  And better.

So I think we, as a nation, need to realize that our fear words shouldn’t rule us.

It’s time to let our hope words take a stand.

And these are words we need to scream.  SCREAM.

Because the other side?  They are not afraid to scream.  In fact they enjoy it.

And I will remind those who have lost faith that we did not vote for a miracle.

We elected a president.

Of a democracy.

And how can you be disappointed, if you are silent?



A Cleansing Pain



This Post about how being a parent is like tending an open wound…

…made me thankful that I am that kind of parent.


Because not all parents are.  That kind of parent I mean.

Some parents are this kind.

The link is to an explanation of the “common” causes of death for the victims of child abuse.

There should be no such thing as a common anything when it comes to child abuse.

So I feel lucky that I am the parent that understands the idea that my kid’s pain is worse than my own.  Who feels each (genuine) tear like a scalding acid on my already tender heart.

But.  I also feel lucky that my kids have that kind of mom.

Because every once in a while it’s good to pat yourself on the back.

Even if it’s just to congratulate yourself for not being…horrible.

Celebrate the victories.