A post with no purpose

As I sat on the toilet seat last night (it was closed, just for your visual reference) and shaved my feet with a cheese grater in the shape of a pink plastic egg, I thought about life.

First off.  My mother gave me that foot grinder.

For Christmas.

I used to get dolls, clothes, money and other stuff of fantasy.

Now.  I get a foot file.

And then I thought about my little ones and how they are decidedly not so little any more.


Clearly on their way passed toddling.

And I reflected on my marriage.

And how I am still as in love now as I was then.  Even though and/or because we have been through so much more together.  And as a couple, we too are way passed toddling.

And I thought of the little soul who should have been a part of this family circus.  And I am wondering if it is a place at our table that will always be empty.

And then I opened up the little cup, and flushed it’s contents – and my musings – away.

Because somethings just should not be reflected on at 10pm.

Especially not while you are using a cheese grater on a body part.

Damned Ped Egg.


the life you choose

Domestic Goddess posted a link to this article.  Which is about how we have to get over the “mommy wars” and work together to make change for all families.

Which made me  think once again about the mommy wars and my role in it.

I work full time.  If I had my wish I would work a little less than full time, but I would still work.

I admire and respect every mother I know who lives the life they do.  I respect their choice.  I respect their day to day role in their family.  I respect the fact that they are moms, just like me, making hard choices and sacrifices every single day for their children and their families.

Even in this I am pro-choice.  I think every woman in the world should have the support (and that means money) they need to make the choice they want when it comes to their family. 

And I do agree that this should be our common ground – no matter what you feel is your leaning in this issue.  We should all be working to make the laws support the life that each of us chooses to live.

And I think this is a family issue.  I think men should have these same options.  The only stay at home scenario we seriously considered was one with my husband at home.  And I think he should have that choice.

And I don’t know the answer.  I don’t know how we  get to a place where everyone has equal choice in this matter.

But I can tell you that it at this point, it feels like we aren’t even asking the right questions. 

Because we all seem to ask “Why is this so hard…?” as we look at someone else’s choice with envy.

And no matter what our choice is – we should all be asking “How can we make it easier?”