Storytime Thursday continued

“Have you come to play with me?” she asked the little boy with a smile.

“This isn’t a good idea.” whispered Max.

But the little boy was certain that someone in the castle could help him get home.  So he stepped through the door.

“I am trying to get home” he told the princess.

But she simply smiled, reached forward to tap him lightly on the shoulder and yelled “you’re it” over her shoulder as she raced down the hall way.

Unsure of what to do, the little boy followed.

The hallway spilled out into a great big room.  And in a great big chair sat a great big king.

“Who are you?” he demanded of the little boy in an angry voice.

“um…” the little boy responded.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” the great big king demanded once more.

“um…” replied the little boy.

Then the great big king drew a great big sword, pointed it at the little boy and in a great big voice said,

“You are not invited,

like a parasite or louse.

And so no longer little boy,

you are now a mouse.”

And a great big light shot from the sword onto the little boy.  And  suddenly he was a tiny brown mouse on the floor of the great big room.  And as he looked around he saw Max standing next to him.

“I told you this wasn’t a good idea” said Max.

And then the princess started to cry.

Boo hoo

And she cried some more.

Boo Hoo

And then she cried even more.


And she scooped up the little mice and begged her father to turn them back into little boys so that she would have soomeone to play with.

And the great big king looked at his little girl’s tears.

And like all daddy’s do.

He did exactly what she asked.