The Race is On

It's okay tortoise. I'll wait.

I have a tortoise and a hare.

My son is faster than light and just as blinding.

We believe he may have adhd.

My daughter is slow as molasses and just as sweet.

So slow that every teacher she has ever had has given her some sort of nickname meaning “slow”

We believe she may have add.

It is weird to live with the two of them.


Him always pressing forward.

Her always hanging back.

And me somewhere in the middle.

The only thing they have in common is their inate ability to lose focus.

We had parent teacher conferences today.

Right now, in the competition to be the best student?

Hare is winning.

But tortoise is in it for the long haul.  I have not counted her out of the race.



Today the little boy learned to say yay!

He said it as I spooned a second helping of dinner on his plate.

He said again when I lifted him up into my lap for a last show.

He said it as I cuddled him in his room before bed.


Such a small word for such a big impact.

I feel like he learned how to express joy today.

It was a good day to learn it.

He had an annual review today. When the city of philadelphia did the eval a year ago he failed in all four of his learning categories.

Today he failed in only one. By 5%.

Which means he still qualifies for therapy, but just barely.
It’s not often that parents get an outside sign that they are doing a good job.

Today we got one.