Broken Pieces

ribbonI have been doing a lot of looking back lately.

For a number of reasons really.

1. I turned 40.

b. We are getting dangerously close to the end of our foster care saga.

III. Because I have the time.

And I have made some realizations.  Which, hopefully, is what you do when you take some time to think.

And the end result is that I have chosen the word that I will hope to define this year with. (thanks to Emily for that inspired idea)


And I don’t think I am defining it properly, because it’s more like luxury or superflousness  (really spell check?).

But here is how I am defining it:

–  Top sheets and bottom sheets that match each other

–  Duvets WITH covers on them

–  Curtains, matching curtains

–  Throw pillows

Those little touches.  Those small things.

The stuff I have been letting slide for far too long.

Lora at Fever mentioned that she feels like she has her shit together if everyone has their nails trimmed.

I know that feeling  — the times when you felt like you covered every tiny detail.  Down to the nails.

I am striving to attain that feeling more often.

Basically, my house – my life – is about to grow up.

A little.



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