The Cleansing Breeze

I stood outside the elementary school this morning and demonstrated to my two eldest how to let the wind “cleanse their soul”.

The three of us stood outside of the school with our arms stretched out to our sides and let the wind wash through us.

I told them to close their eyes and just breath in the wind.  And they did.

And I did.

It was my zen moment for the day.

I forget sometimes that I am a calm and capable human being.

I forget that I am a good mother, a good wife, a good friend.

And I forget how easy it is to forget all that stuff when I am not feeling “enough”.

And in the last year…I have felt lacking quite often.

We have been dealing with a lot. A LOT.

And we have been harder on ourselves than we need to be.

External feedback didn’t matter.  We were failing.

Failing to be enough.

And a few weeks ago I decided I was in fact doing the best I could.

And I dropped all that guilt for just a minute and realized how great it felt.

And so I have been trying to drop more and more of it ever since.

I have opened up my arms to let the wind cleanse my soul.

And it feels good.

You should try it.

But probably not in front of your child’s elementary school at 8:00am.

We got some stares.

Bu they didn’t bother me a bit.

In that moment, I was enough.


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