The nitty and the gritty

So here is the update.

It seems that the mother of  Z and K did not quite understand the judge when he expressly told her that she could NOT take the kids to her mother’s house because there was a safety concern since this was the last known address of the man who raped her oldest daughter.

Didn’t she take them there the first chance she got?

Why yes.  yes she did.

It was the one point that everyone at court could agree on.  It was clearly stated in court several times and is clearly displayed in the court order.

And yet.

She went.  Taking her two oldest kiddos in a car with her boyfriend (also not allowed on unsupervised visits, also made clear in court) in a car neither of them will admit to having to go to the one place the court ordered her not to go to.

Yeah.  Like that.

So…the wind is blowing softly in our direction.

There was a big meeting.  All unsupervised visits were suspended.

And we’ll see.

“We’ll see” and “If” make up a good portion of my life at the moment and I hate it.


I would like this to be over.  One way or the other.  End it.

This whole situation is draining away too many resources.  It’s draining.

Up down spin around.

Just end it already.

We go to court again in April.  Still won’t be the end.

“mom” asked that our daycare provide her with monthly progress reports on her youngest.  Really?

14 months in and all the sudden you give a shit?

And guess what?  We have to do it.  Or some semblance of it.  I refused to ask our daycare do any more than they are already doing so I made a compromise and send her their daily reports.

She also got mad because the two year old scratched herself and she was certain we did it.

Really?  If I was going to hurt your kid, I’ve had lots of opportunities.  Again, fourteen months of opportunities.

I’m not sure I can take too much more of this ride.

It costs far more than I ever expected and it’s not nearly as fun as advertised.


In other news…

K, the baby is talking up a storm.  She loves to use her words and mastered “whats that” as her newest torture device.  She is a daredevil demon child.  She laughs as she runs from you straight into traffic.  (not that this has ever happened) She is the reason they created baby leashes (no, I still didn’t get one…but boy have I been tempted) Her motto is clearly “that which does not kill me, makes me laugh”.  If we get to keep her I will need to be sedated through her teen years.

Z, the almost three year old, is proving to be the sweet little snuggler I always knew he could be.  He worships his oldest brother with a fierceness that is both touching and comical.  He wants desperately to be just as grown, just as trust worthy and just like D.  His laugh is infectious and he uses it often.  He is still a little pistol and tries my patience but he is talking up a storm and he and I have had conversations and sung songs that even other people can understand!

M, my eldest, no longer seems to want the youngest two gone.  She has settled nicely into her role as queen bee and seems to like that her court of adorers has grown.  We had a moment recently that made us realize that the rules are changing as we go into year 8 of parenting.  Reminding me once again that with the parenting dance, as soon as you learn the dance steps, the song changes.

D, is excelling at school and is a better older brother than I ever dreamed he would be.  The experience has been good for him.  He finally has one good friend at school and we have come to realize that he will most likely never be the social butterfly his sister is, and that’s okay.

The “older man” dog will celebrate his 14th birthday if he makes it through the summer.  I am hoping he doesn’t see that birthday.  But as long as he is doing as well as he has been, I am willing to keep feeding him buffered aspirin and cheering for him to get him up the back steps.

Milo, “the puppy” turns two and he is a good little dog.  I instituted doggy Friday’s at work and we have both enjoyed spending the day together a couple Fridays each month.

Day to day life is busy.  And good.  And hectic,  and fun.

I hope you are experiencing some of the same!


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