I wrote a long post yesterday and the internet ate it.

So while it is full of my words…I am feeling a little empty.


An update:

We still don’t know anything about the foster care situation.

My eldest daughter is being evaluated this week for ADD.

My eldest son took up wrestling – the last week of the season – and it was awesome.


Living with the babes is tough.  My husband told me this weekend that he feels like we have two kids with a terminal disease.

That was the topic of my very long post yesterday.

Today you get this:

Living in our foster-to-adopt situation is a lot like living with two children with a terminal disease.  (taking into account that I can only imagine what that feels like)

But I do know this.  It sucks big.

Even though you HAVE to enjoy everyday as though it may be the last.

Thinking that way makes it tough to enjoy the day.

It’s been a year.  Our anniversary was Feb 4th.  I thought this ride would be over by now.

We won’t know anything for certain for another nine months, at least.

Here’s praying for a cure.


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