My eyes leak

I used to make fun of my mom.
She got teary over sappy Hallmark commercials.
I used to snicker behind her back, and then as a teen, to her face.
What a sap!

And in this regard above any else I can claim with confidence.
“I have become my mother”

It started with the birth of my first and cemented itself with the loss of my fourth.
Ever since my drug ridden days of unhappiness and heartache… I am a crier.

Now I don’t just burst into to tears without being induced (don’t ask my husband’s opinion on that one). I cry at things like poignant blog posts. commercials. sad stories on the news.

You know. REALLY sad stuff.

But this is not stuff that would have made me cry before. I was made of sterner stuff pre-kids.

I guess what they say is true –
Having a baby changes everything.*

*This commercial campaign? Always brings on tears.


One thought on “My eyes leak

  1. that commercial campaign gets me SO BAD every time. especially since they show the baby stuff that dreams are made of like daddy-baby naptime and baths in the sink and softy blanket swaddling and hoodie towels and they hint at everything else that changes, that they could never ever put on televison.

    or maybe it’s just me that thinks they are hinting of everything else that changes because I’m such a headcase. either way- tears.

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