Courtroom Drama

We went to court on Friday.

And it was brutal.  (not for us, but still…)

No change yet but the winds are blowing in our direction.

I can’t help feeling just the slightest twinge.

For mom.

She left the courtroom in tears.

Rightfully so.  The judge and the child advocate ripped her up, down, and sideways.


The judge listened to all the protocol requests, read between the lines, and made her ruling based on case history and facts.

Reaffirming my belief that I was born to be a judge.

Anyway.  Mom asked for 4-6 hour extended unsupervised visits.


Mom asked for consideration for the holidays – she wanted her kids with her on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.


Dad asked for unsupervised visits.


Dad asked for longer duration of visits.

Denied.  And his overall visits were cut in half.  Every other week now instead of every week.

Dad left the courtroom in a huff.

I feel no sympathy for him.  Nothing but anger. 

And so…I am dangerously close to believing we may get to keep these kids.

Dangerous grounds these.

Treacherous grounds.

Break your heart open if you let them, grounds.

And I am bravely stepping into them.

This weeken we started making plans that don’t start with if… (if we still have the kids, then this.  If we don’t have the kids then, that…have been the norm.)

January is the next court date.  This is the date they will change the goal to termination, if that’s what happens.

Fingers crossed.

I am no longer ambivalent about this.  These are my kids.

I just hope the judge agrees.


By the way.  Best. court. scene. ever.

It had suspense, drama, emotion.  There were people yelling, there were tears and even some humor.

Couldn’t make a movie scene that good.

Life is sometimes so much more interesting than make-believe.

If I didn’t have so much invested in it, I am sure I would have enjoyed it thoroughly.


2 thoughts on “Courtroom Drama

  1. My heart does break for them. BUT. I am hoping hoping hoping along with you that things go your way in January. Not because I think you are awesome (which I do) but because my heart breaks way bigger for the kids if it doesn’t go your way. Thanks for the update. And I love your judge.

  2. I remember as a law clerk the nail-biting process to termination of parental rights. I had such sympathy for the parents (most were abused as children or raised by alcoholics or drug addicts), but the kids needed to be out of their homes. I always had my fingers crossed for those kids.

    And I have them crossed for yours.

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