A Child’s best friend

We have three dogs.

I know I don’t talk about them much but they are still there.  Snuggling up or jumping into my lap, chewing on things and wreaking havoc on my world.

And I love them all (some more than others, no question).  But it turns out three dog is too many when you have four kids. (who knew, right?)

But sometimes.  The planets align perfectly and the dog to person ratio is perfect.

Sometimes the three oldest kids take the three dogs for a “walk” around the family room.

Or dance with the two little ones in the living room.

Or fight to give them treats.  And hold them hostage – I mean play with them – inside their fort.

And then there are just enough dogs to go around.  Barely.

And I feel good about the job we are doing as pet owners.  For a hot minute.

I know that soon we will have two dogs.

Our oldest is 13 years old (that’s him in the photo.) and he limps.  He is old.  And limpy.

And someday soon he will stop limping.

And I will be guilt ridden for the last few months where I steadily ignored him.

Barely managing to remember to feed him.

And still, he was happy to see me.  Overjoyed when I picked up the ball instead of telling him to “go lay down”.

And I know he has had a good life. Especially in the pre-kid years.

But most days lately he is just one dog too many.

And it’s sad.

I am feeling guilty today.  There is simply not enough me to go around.


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