I am a mama duck.

I have a gaggle of little ducklings that follow me everywhere.

While I don’t love every minute of it…I do love it.

It is crazy at my house. CRAZYYYYYY.  And there are always at least thirteen things being done at the same time.

There are four voices calling mama.

Four kids who fall down, get hurt and need kisses.

And they are all growing and changing – constantly.

The two-year old cries when he gets hurt now. (*)

And we counted his words for his therapist and reached double digits!

The one year old is walking!  and up to no good at all times (just as a one-year old should be).

My five-year old is excited to give up his nap time!

…and start kindergarten. In that order.

My seven-year old had a challenging time at camp  this summer.

And came through having learned some very good things about herself.

And I am keeping track of it all and not beating myself up that I JUST started thinking about potty training.

And JUST taught the two-year old the parts of his body.

And that the baby is still taking a bottle to bed (I know).

Or that my five-year old is having impulse control issues.

Or that the seven-year old is…well seven.  and a girl.  And all that that means.

Because they play together.

And I am not always the one that gets there first when one of them falls down.

And sibling kisses for boo boos?

Awe inspiring.

It’s not about the mama duck…it’s all about the gaggle.


* when we first got the babies neither of them cried when they got hurt.  We thought they were tougher than nails.  Nope, just seems like maybe no one was paying attention before.  Now that they know they get kisses and attention, they are both little hams.  They have been known to look to see where we are before they start to cry.  I love that.


One thought on “

  1. my five year old is very excited about Giving Up the Nap as well! Funny how that must be a 5 thing.

    I’m glad that you are finding minutes to blog in all this. I missed you. Kisses to all the ducklings, and a big old hug for Momma

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