As you wish…

I watched the Princess Bride with my kiddos last weekend.

I LOVE this movie.

And I am very annoying to watch it with.  I admit it.

I recite each line just a brief breath before it starts just to prove that I already knew it.


I realize this and I. can’t. stop. myself.

I literally had to walk out of the room when my kids started to look at me like I was crazy(ier than they already thought) because I wouldn’t shut up.

I love this movie.  And I read the book and…most of the quotable movie lines are in the book.

I love William Goldman (the author).  He makes me happy.


In other news, I also love Bohemian Rhapsody.

The kids and I rock some Queen in the car going to and fro.

If you live in Delco, we’re the family in the shaking SUV with Freddy Mercury screaming from the stereo and two toddlers and two little kids head banging and screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Mama….just killed a man”.

Yeah, I don’t even care that the lyrics are not designed for kids.

Don’t care that I had to field the inevitable follow up questions or wonder myself:

“Why did he put the gun against is head and pull the trigger?”

What does it say that I have never wondered that myself  in all the years I loved this song?

I am shallow.   shall. low.

Oh well.


I am preparing for the hurricane.  I bought water.  water and more water.

I bought each kid their own flashlight.

I bought cereal bars, trail mix and other non perishables.

I bought extra diapers.

I am prepared.  I am ready.

So…she won’t make landfall.

You’re welcome.


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