I know, right?

I had a visit from a good friend this weekend.

She and I became friends my freshman year of college.

She is still my friend.  (20 years and counting (shhhhh))

And she came to visit my family circus this weekend with her new husband and we hung out.

And I realized something very important.

I am not really all that different than I was 20 years ago. 

And it was fun to remember that I used to be silly and crazy and get into trouble.

And it was fun to be just the littlest bit nervous every time she started to tell my kids  a story about when we were friends.

And it was good to know that she always left just enough out to protect me while still giving them enough that they think I’m pretty cool.

Awesome really.

And in the midst of being the mom of four, I got to be the friend of one.

And it was fun and grounding and all the stuff that being with a good friend should be – comfortable.

p.s.  I will be blogging here again.  I’ve missed me.


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