The Waiting Game

We are on hold.

We won’t know anything for absolutely certain until September when birth mom finishes her in-facility program.

And then, the “official plan” is that birth dad will take the two we have and the eldest and mom will have the baby she is carrying and the second oldest girl with her at the facility she is currently living in.

But for now, we are just trying to get speech therapy arranged. And figuring out the ins and outs of WIC.

As we try to help the almost one year old learn to walk. And the almost two year old learn to talk.

Oh and my kids?? They are doing well thanks.
They are flourishing. And they fully understand the uncertainty.

The foster kids are not part of our family but they are part of our “team”. And they seem to hold on to that. And it’s okay.

I wish I was as flexible.


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