Three’s a crown

My husband wanted two kids.

I always wanted four.  SO, we compromised and decided on 3.

And then I had two ectopic pregnancies and had to look toward adoption…

…of not an infant. (remember? THE PLAN?)

And then, well,  life deviated from the plan.  And we are (at the moment) a family of 6.

4 kids.  2 girls, 2 boys. 

My ideal family.

Everybody has a sister, everybody has a brother.

How perfect is that?

And? It is. 


It’s also extremely, painfully, unstable.

We got some news this week about the birth parents that made me realize that I will…well there is no way to describe what I will feel if these kids end up leaving.

I held the baby close and made her promise to kick the world’s ass, even if I’m not there to see it.

And she could be a little ass- kicker.  She has it in her.  And I will be devastated if I don’t get to witness it first hand.

But can I tell you how frustrating this system is?  And how flawed.  So, so horribly flawed.

The foster care system is in need of some serious reform.

But that is a post (or twenty) for another day.

I just don’t have the energy today. 

I have to make several phone calls and fill out too many forms to mention….


2 thoughts on “Three’s a crown

  1. anything I can do to help, let me know. even if it is just sitting with you and talking about nothing.

    This is such a frustrating process, and knowing that complete f-ups can have some rights to the lives of children just because they are blood related keeps me up at night.

    Every minute you hold those children makes them stronger. It strengthens their brains, connections are made that will remain with them throughout their lives.

    So hold those babies. Hold them tight. Kiss them and love them and talk to them and know that what you are giving them now will last forever.

  2. I’m so sorry. I hope it all works out so you can keep them. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

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