I haven’t put the lights up.

The tree does not have a star on top.

I haven’t hung the stockings.

I did not take the kids out to buy “their” presents for the family.

But I still feel festive. 

And so I don’t think I am going to do any of that (except the stockings, christmas eve).  And I am not going to feel guilty, not one little bit.

In other news…

Have you ever had one of those parent moments when you wonder how you failed to notice that something is glaringly wrong with your child?

My daughter was constipated for three days.  And all weekend I kept thinking what a brat she was being!

And then last night, after almost two hours of what was very like my delivery room (think – push!) she pooped.  And this morning – new kid.  Happy kid.

Sweet kid.

And mom feels like an ass (appropriate).  Because, clearly she was dealing with something, umm big, and I just chalked it up to being 6 and cranky.

Ah well.

Live and learn.

And the girl is on fiber tablets for the rest of her life.  Because I cannot deal with that EVER again.  worst night.

And then this morning?  My older puppy had diarrhea. 

I ended my day with shit and started my day with shit.

The circle of life.



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