Merry Everything and Happy Always

I keep a running mental list of things that reaffirm my faith in us, as a people.  I keep it handy so that I remember that there is good in the world, in those times when life is trying soooo hard to prove me wrong.  Here is a small glimpse of what made my list this week.

For those of you who don’t know, WAWA is a convenience store.  It sells, lots of stuff, most of it good.  But every time  I go into WAWA someone holds the door for me.  EVERY time.  This doesn’t happen often elsewhere in my life so I take note of it here.  Doesn’t matter if I have something in my hands or not.  Doesn’t matter who got to the door first, I always get a door held for me, usually with a greeting or comment of some sort.  I wish the whole world was like this, I like going to WAWA to remember that we can in fact be nice to each other.

Greeting Cards
The title of this post was inside one of the cards I received at the office today.  I love it.  I especially love that it is a  business card and the sender is an attorney.  And yet, humor and humanity ring through.  I also like that this sign off followed a quote from The Grinch.  The cynicism of the  season can hit me hard, so unusual and sincere holiday wishes always touch me.  But mostly I love merry everything and happy always.  And I wish it for you this holiday season. 

Christmas with kids
I LOVED christmas as a kid.  It was filled with wonder magic and wonderful magic.  I have missed it.  And even though as an adult the season drives me nutty with guilt, and makes me poor as I start a new year, I love it.  Because I love my kids, and my kids love it.  LOVE IT.  And again, wonder and magic fill my house for just a little while.

I know that I will lose some of you here.  But that’s even part of my point.  I love that there are people in the world who love musicals.  I love that there are people who can suspend reality and enjoy a story told primarily in the language of song and dance.  It’s kind of a crazy idea and you have to be kind of crazy to buy it, much less enjoy it.  Little kids like musicals and cartoons.   They have no problem blurring the lines between what can really happen, and what must be drawn.  They don’t question the fact that the nanny is singing.  Some adults retain that ability, and I am glad that we are capable of that kind of crazy.  Some of us. 

The Counterprotestors
Elizabeth Edwards died.  A “church” decided that god hates her and decided to make sure that her funeral was a spectacle and came to protest her.  5 people from this church showed up (2 of them kids) with hateful signs and painful rhetoric.  More than 200 counterprotestors showed up.  And sang christmas carols.  In the rain.  This is why I love us, and why I have faith in us.  We help strangers.

Barak Obama
To say that this is a presidency of epic potential is an understatement.  This is a man who is majorly failing…well, everyone.  The liberals say he is too conservative.  The conservatives say he is too liberal.  People who voted for him claim he isn’t doing what he promised.  People who didn’t vote for him are red-faced with anger because he is doing what he promised.  He can’t win.  But even with the mess that we are in now, Obama reminds me of what we wanted.  What we voted for.  And just like the American flags that sprang up everywhere after 911 when we were ONE people for just a little while. And while fear and loud angry voices have helped us forget, he reminds me.  He is our president.  For at least a year or two more.  So even though I don’t agree with all that he is doing, or not doing, the fact that he is president makes me feel good about us.

So, there is my very short list.

Still no word on babe #3.  But soon.    And number 3 is on my list this week too.


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