And all because two people fell in love

I am in the process of redesigning my family room and I am finding that I have the urge for some word art.

The title is one of those cheesy sayings that you find etched into wood or displayed in wall stickers.  It is not one of the ones I am considering.

However, as part of my “design” I chose some neat prints that are going to be gallery mounted on canvas.  Each picture represents a vacation that my husband and I took that was especially memorable.

So far I have ordered 3.  My honeymoon, the first trip we took together (alone) after kids and the first trip we took with my daughter. 

So you have, Mallorca Spain, Mayan Riviera Mexico and San Francisco.

They will be displayed on the big wall in my family room but they won’t take up the whole wall.

So…what else should go there?

I had thought to get some sort of “something” that stood for each of us.  Like a representative chatchka.

A knight for my son, princess for my daughter and a car for the husband.  

But then how to display them?

And how to make them, if not match, at least blend as a theme.

And what the hell do I get to represent me?

And…we had our last meeting with the placement counselor on Monday.

One more piece of paper away from final review and they we will start to get “calls for placement”.  Here comes number three.

I am both terrified and elated.

What the hell can I get to represent a child  I haven’t even met yet? *

*clearly, the least of my concerns.


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