All Hallows Eve

This time of year is scary.

This year in particular.

The political ads I have been force-fed for the past few weeks are enough to send anyone screaming for the hills.  They are all bad ads.  All of them.

Thankfully, Tuesday is vote day.

So.  I ask that you please do it.

Vote, I mean.

We live in a democracy.  For better or worse, this means we have to participate in order to succeed.

And so, while I don’t ask that you vote for my candidates I will ask that you refrain from voting for candidates who are talking about shutting down government.  Refrain from supporting candidates who are proudly talking about how they won’t participate in our government, won’t show up to work, won’t cast their vote.

This isn’t how government officials should be elected.

Would you hire an employee who told you that as soon as they started working for you they were going to go on strike?  Or if they told you they just weren’t going to come to work?

Yes, our government is about dissent and proclaiming beliefs but it is still a government. 

And no matter how badly you think that things are going, they are not so  bad as to warrant a change from democracy.   (of course, if you believe we wold better with a different form of government, then go ahead)

I feel that if you vote for those who will strike, and not do their job, you have in essence, not done yours.

Democracy is hard work.

And our politicians have to be willing to roll up their sleeves and do it.

They have to be willing to WORK for change.  In whatever direction they choose.

But simply sitting down and making it so no one gets anything done?

Yeah, my two year old did that.

I hated it then too.

But regardless of your political views, no matter how you feel about Obama, do your job as a citizen and  please please please please vote.


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