The Music in My Mind

Okay,  Raise your hand if your head is constantly bombarded with songs.

Since I am the only one standing here with my hand up, well sitting actually, I will explain my soundtrack problem.

I used to work in a building with a man who used to call me, hum a few lines of a song and hang up cackling.  He did it because he knew that just a few bars would stick with me ALLLLL day and would drive me insane.

He did it because he thought he was funny as hell.  But he wasn’t.

No.  He was evil.

I would get the WORST songs stuck in my head.  Songs I didn’t like at all.  Songs that stuck with me until I was able to stick yet another song quite forcibly into my head.  Usually a song I liked only marginally more.

Because here’s a tip: the annoying songs stay with you.  Or, conversely, the only songs that stay with you are the annoying ones.  See how that works?

And so I have a soundtrack.  NOT always.  (that would be weird)]

Just most of the time.

Most of the time I have a song in my head.  Or just part of a song usually.

And most of the time it is sparked by a thought, or something someone says and it just reminds me of a lyric, and BAM I’ve got Will Smith in my head singing about stealing his parent’s Porsche.

Because I pulled in to McDonalds.

Even though I did NOT order two big macs and two large fries (and cokes).

So you see how that might be annoying.

For those around me.

Often I will be sitting silently watching TV with my husband and he will see my head bop ever so slightly and he will ask “what is it?”

And I will tell him.  I will let him know what song I am hearing in my head at that moment – usually by singing a few bars.  And he will nod, and we will both turn back to the TV.


Right now, it’s why do you build me up buttercup.

Oh yeah, try getting that song out of your head…


One thought on “The Music in My Mind

  1. this is SO my problem too. I get these weird jingles in there, and the most annoying songs. I think that’s why I’m bad at yoga. When I do it, my brain plays the old PA lottery catch phrase on a loop.
    The Penn!

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