It was the Nyquil talking

So I have been bitten by a bug.

And I now have had two days of laying in bed and watching really bad movies.  Like really bad.  As in I watched GI Jane.

Which isn’t all that bad by itself.  BUT I have seen it before.

And no one needs to see GI Jane twice.

No one.

And so I am blaming my misquote of The Princess Bride on the fact that I was:

1. sick

2. on medicine

3. drunk

And a combination of these things adds up to the cliffs of despair.

When it should have been the cliffs of insanity. (or for those playing along at home, the pit of despair.)

I thank you, those who commented, for not pointing out for me my mistake.

Once I am back and functioning I will write a post about just how much I like the Princess Bride, book and movie.

But for now I will let you think I am just a minor geek.

Soon.  Soon I will prove you wrong.

soooo wrong.

Hope you’re feeling better than me!


2 thoughts on “It was the Nyquil talking

  1. For what it’s worth, GI Jane is an EXCELLENT movie to watch when you’re in early labor. 17 hours into my 29-hour-labor with son #2, we watched GI Jane and the image of Demi doing the one-armed push-ups was my mental focus point during the 3+ hours of pushing. Very effective! Hope you feel better soon.

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