The Spider Wicke Chronicles

I showered with a spider cricket this morning.
Until it jumped and I screamed.
Then my knight came and killed it.  The End.

Then in the car I was attacked by one of those big mosquitos the ones that look like they are a mix between a daddy long legs and a mosquito.  I opened the window and it flew away.  The End.  Again.

Apparently it’s hybrid insect day for me…

I want to post some updates:
1. We are pressing charges on the young man who stole from us. My husband was adamant that we make him have some responsibility for the issue. Fat lot of good it did. The police never followed up even though they were adamant we should do it when we first talked to them. pbbbblt.
2. We are still working on getting a third child through adoption. To be clear, the delays at this point are all our fault. We started remodeling our family room and apparently they don’t want a toddler in a room with no walls and exposed electrical wire. so picky.
3. We are still working on the family room. We started running electrical wire this past weekend and will hopefully get more of it done this Sunday. Once the electrical is done, we will put up insulation and then call someone in to come do the drywall, plaster and painting. Thank goodness for contractors!
4. Our neighbors moved out. Which ones? The ones who rented the house next to ours who had to have the cops called on them twice for domestic abuse? The ones who had loud obnoxious friends and a teenage daughter that screamed at her step father constantly. Yeah, them. And all we can think is that we will probably get someone worse.
5. The puppy still poops and pees in the house. I am unsure of what to do next but he is still super cute and I still super love him. And the husband is warming to him. Which is good. Because the kids LOVE HIM and he’s not going anywhere. No matter that he’s ripping up the linoleum in our kitchen.
6. I am in no mood to work today.
7. The girl started first grade at the snazzy new school in our district. How sad is it do you think that I would rather live in my daughter’s school than our house? sad.
8. Moved the boy into the bigger bedroom and started the “nesting” process on the room he used to be in. The one we refer to as the “nursery”. I even managed to find our baby monitor and a bed rail. I am getting ready for number three.
Feels good.
9. The anniversary of the event of last summer/fall went by uncelebrated. It was more than a year ago now that I went in to the hospital for my second ectopic pregnancy. Seems like it was longer than that. And just yesterday.
10. One of the young ladies at my husband’s work is pregnant. He and I both briefly wondered if she might want to give the baby to us. She is nineteen. We weren’t really serious. But the thought did cross our minds…we’re just not done.

Hope you all have a FABUTASTIC weekend.
If you have any ideas about what I should do when I grow up – please share.


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