If I could save time in a bottle

The summer flew by.

Literally, flew.

And it’s fall and while I welcome the Fall with it’s cooler weather and changing colors, I feel as though I missed summer all together.

We spent a week at the shore. 

In a house with the four of us and both sets of Grands.

It was fine.  It was fun.  It was good.

I probably won’t do it again next year.

I find that I parent differently when parents are around.

And I don’t like that.

But the love and I did a night in Atlantic City and remembered that we are funky in love.

At least for a night.

And it was good. 

And I would definitely do that again.

And we came home to a normal that was Technicolor.  As we all tried to readjust to the air here.

And we had a couple of intense days and nights of…adjustment. 

And then we gradually returned to normal.  And life lapsed back in to the constant hum that is our routine.

And then we found out that we had been robbed while away.

And we have been dealing with what happened, how it happened, and what was taken for several days now.

And unfortunately due to what was taken, we will be dealing for many months to come.

And it makes me sad and tired.  And angry and hyper.  And sad and tired. And…

Well it makes me want to trust less, connect less and protect ourselves more.

And that…well that just won’t happen.


Caution is good. 

But trust is something that I actually believe should be given until someone has done something to prove otherwise.

I have seen wonderful things happen with people who reach out and connect with people who shouldn’t really be trusted.

And I know that some people will scoff at that.  But I WANT to believe the best of everyone.

I want to feel that the world is inhabited by mostly good people.

Or…well…I just don’t see the point.

And I am not a naive person. (although I sound like it here, granted)

And the truth is that we left ourselves open to this in an effort to give something to someone who needed a chance.

And he betrayed us.  And he betrayed that trust.

And so we are changing our locks, talking to the police, and making sure we are more cautious.

But we will still be trusting.

I refuse to be otherwise.

No matter how tempting it is at the moment.


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