Why it sucks to be a grown up

I gave Lily away.

I know.  right?  I had just decided that we were going to keep her.  Just decided that I loved her and she was part of our family.

And then…

Well.  Our new babysitter greeted her.

And picked her up to kiss her nose.

And talked to her in that baby voice that true dog lovers have when they are talking to a dog they love.

And I realized that I loved Lily.  But I did not love Lily like that.

And so she has a new home.

With someone who also fought the good fight to keep her alive when she was a puppy.  With someone who loves her just a little bit more than I do.

And last night, her new mom took her home.

And she left behind a pink metal bone with “Lily” on it.

And I cried. 

Even though I was and am proud of myself for the decision.  It was the best one.

For everyone concerned.

And like I tell my kids all the time, the right decision is usually hard.  And doing it anyway is part of what helps you grow.

And usually, growing up hurts a little.

And for the most part, being a grown up sucks.


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