Glorious Food

To say that I love food would be an understatement of a riduculous nature.

I do love food.

I love to cook it and eat it, smell it, bathe in it…

well cook and eat yes.

And the cooking of food to me is precious.  It is a statement of caring, from me to you.

And the fact that most of my meals start with a box of late (like the last 6 years) makes me only a little sad because I gotta tell you that some nights even that’s too much effort.

But I do love food.  And with that comes a love of…recipes.

I love to look at them online and read the reviews and see the suggestions.

I love to print them with their helpful, hopeful pictures of the finished product.

And that’s as far as I get.

An image with a shopping list and instructions.

A picture of hope.

A wish for a meal, dessert, breakfast or other.

A dream really.

And I love to dream. 

Almost as much as I love food.


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