Working girl

If you have worked full time and are a mom you will understand what I am talking about.  If you have never had the pleasure, you’ll still get it, just not quite as much.  I think.

You see, I am the mom.  The woman. 

The maker of meals, cleaner of house, rememberer of class trips.  I am the one responsible for the finances.  The groceries, the keeper of the playdates, the party present buyer.  I am the person who signs the field trip notices, finds the camps, the sitters and the lost toys.

I am the keeper of the calendar, the maker of the appointments.  The procurer of the elusive “forms”.

I am the getter of replacement forks, extras, drinks and desserts.  I am the planner of outings, picnics and vacations. I am the maker of lunches.

I am the mom.

And  I get up every morning Monday thru Friday and I go to work.  I am gone from my house for 9-10 hours. 

And while away from home I am the decision maker.  The giver of reviews.  I am the problem solver, the blue sky thinker.  I am the company growth manager.  I hire the new employees and fire the old ones.

I put out fires, stir up business, maintain relationships, and build new ones.

I am a sales person, a conference attender.  I am the go to person for our operations, sales and management decisions.

I am the vice president.

And when I get home. 

I am the mom.

And some days, that’s a lot more than I bargained for.


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