Declaring Independence

I spent this weekend tearing down walls.


My love and I (and the little destroyers*) ripped down plaster and boards from our family room and stairway.  We have nothing but studs to show for our efforts.

Studs and a completely full 12 yard dumpster.


I am a pioneer woman and I have the bruises and cuts (right on the center of my nose thank you) to prove it.

Next stop:

electrical and insulation.

Fingers crossed we get this all done this summer.

Cause I am already missing my flat screen…

*watching my four year old whack the shit out of the wall with a hammer was both heartwarming and terrifying.  But boy did he LOVE it.  The girl on the other hand tapped heart shapes into the plaster and quickly lost interest…  But they b oth looked super cute in their dust masks and safety goggles…


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