Updates and other nonesense

Dogs.  We have decided to keep Lily.  This will probably come as a surprise to no one but me.  And the “we” in that first sentence is actually a “me” (I think my husband always wanted to keep her).  I was resenting the hell out of her because she was supposed to be gone, and once I was able to stop that, I love her.  She’s a good dog. 

The good news is that both puppoes are getting ever so much closer to being trained not to destroy my house.  Isn’t it funny how they lose the super cute puppiness that makes you forgive everything right around the same time they stop doing the things that would get them killed if they weren’t so damn cute?  Isn’t nature grand?

Kids.  We are still trailing along in our pursuit of number 3.  It is a long process made longer by the fact that we both work and getting to the 8 hour classes on a Saturday (when my husband works) has been tough.  But we are inching closer…We have taken one of these classes ($100+ for a sitter for the day!) and it took me 2.5 hours to realize that my husband was the only white person in the room.  We talked about it later and he said it took him about the same amount of time to stop thinking about the fact that he was the only white person in the room.  We had a really great time and learned alot about growing up poor and black in Philly.

The girl child is at camp which means every night she is tired. TIRED.  Melt in a pool of liquid kid tired.  Tired that denies all thoughts of being tired.  No I won’t go to sleep because I am too tired, tired.  It has made the evenings a challenge.  Last night she cried for half an hour because I asked her to try (try mind you, not eat all of) her mozerella and parmesan cheese covered slice of zuchinni.  The husband had to remove her from the dinner table to calm her down.  Good Times.

I was outside one night this week with the puppies and looked up at the sky to see it twinkling with lightning bugs (fireflies) and stars before drifting into the calm cool dark that surrounded a clear crisp moon and when I went inside I told my husband that I thought the earth was designed so at least one species would evolve enough to enjoy it’s beauty.  And aren’t we lucky to be that species?

He walked over, hugged me, kissed my forehead and said he loves me. 

Aren’t we lucky to be that species too?


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