Moving Forward.

I have been having a really hard time not screaming “racist” every time I turn on the TV.

I have refrained from yelling it at the TV screen each time “The Tea Party” appears on the screen.

I have been having a really hard time not yelling “Liar”.

Everytime I see a Republican claim that they are fighting for America, for Americans.  True Patriots.

I have been having a really hard time lately.

I have been trying to negotiate how a party’s stance can be to move backwards.  To say no.  To stop progress.  How can that seem right? 

When we moved forward for a reason.  When we should always be moving forward.

And mostly, I am having a hard time with the democrats.

oh. the. democrats.

Where are you?  Why aren’t you standing up and screaming? 

Because I can’t. (well I do, but it doesn’t matter, no one hears me)

But you can!

Stand tall and scream for me.  Me and the millions of other Americans who elected this administration, this congress, this president.

Speak with the conviction of the office you hold through democracy.

Maybe that will change tomorrow.

Perhaps it should.

But for right now.  Your job is to represent me.  Represent us.

And you’re not running for office. 

You are holding office.

And your job is to make sure that my voice is heard.  That my screaming is heard.  That my beliefs are upheld.

Do your job.


3 thoughts on “Moving Forward.

  1. Truth: I had job-finding sites for foreign countries bookmarked around the time of the last Presidential election. If it had gone the other way, I was sincerely going to expatriate as I was sure “The Grand Experiment” was over.
    Unfortunate truth: I can’t seem to bring myself to erase those bookmarks — not just yet.

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