Hunters and Gatherers

I had this epiphany recently.  I have them a lot which may be why my mom named me what she did (eventually).

Anyway.  I have been trying to convince my parents to take the wee little doggie we have been fostering.  (and I will provide a picture as soon as she gets some more fur, I think she’d be embarrassed to be compared to a chinese crested.)

And in so doing I have become aware of a very prevalent instinct with my dad.  The hunter instinct.

He is always on the prowl.  Constantly looking for that something to look for.  Whether it be a great deal on vitamins or the perfect dog – he is always hunting.

And it made me think.  Because I too am usually on the hunt.  I am usually looking for that next “thing”.  And I think most people I know are like that.  I think most people are hunting. 

And I think in our society, this manifests itself as consumerism.  (Yes, I do think that some of it is keeping up with the Jones’ but I think they are not mutually exclusive.  We are a competitive species by nature too.)

So, this need for the best pair of jeans…is in our genes. (sorry, no, I couldn’t resist)

And it made me draw this through to the natural conclusions when I think of those people who turn their backs on our consumerist society and return to the roots.  They are in fact gatherers.  In the true sense of the word.

These back to basics-ers usually return to planting, growing and gathering.

And this is us as a species in a nutshell.

The hunters and the gatherers.

And even though we are no longer living on the land and killing our dinner with our bare hands, we are still hunting.

Our newest weapon is a credit card.  And while it is not lethal, it is dangerous.

Happy Hunting.


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