Third Times the charm…

It’s not that I don’t love you.

I do.


And I have had a lot going on.  A lot.  And I think about blogging about it often , but…

Oh well, without further apologies here it is:

 The husband and I are officially in line for number 3.

That’s right.  We have started the VERY LONG process of adopting a child.

The important distinction here is child.

As in

I am sure that it is just as much paper work to adopt a baby.

But Jeezus.  It is a lot of work to get a child that no one else wants.

Before you get up in arms, that’s what we keep telling ourselves to keep each other sane.

And it’s true.

We are going to adopt a child through foster care.  This is going to be one extremely lucky foster child. 

And I know we will be extremely lucky too, but this process has made me very aware of the fate of most foster kids and if I could, I would adopt each and every one of them.

But I can’t.

But you might consider it…

And before you do. 

Here is a short list of the things I have to do in order to be considered “certified” by the agency we are working with:

FBI trace

Criminal Report

Child Crime Report

Credit Report

Financial Statement

Fire ladder for both upstairs floors

Extinguisher for the kitchen

Lock for the shed

Land line for the house (we only have cell phones)

Birth certificates, marriage license

An annual physical for all four humans

Vet records for all non-humans

Three home study visits

16 hours of precertification courses

1 cpr class

And a bunch of other junk too.

It’s a lot.

And it makes me seriously wonder how it is that such bad people get through this in order to get kids.


How can you work so hard to hurt someone?


3 thoughts on “Third Times the charm…

  1. the process is grueling. unless you have a brother or sister who regularly beats the crap out of their kids, and then they just show up at your house one day and toss your niece or nephew through the front door with a garbage bag full of their crap.

    Not literally, of course, but almost.

    Sad, right?

    Good luck to you, and I’m sending along all the patience in the world! I’m proud of you guys!

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