Faith No More

Jesse James broke my heart.

Not literally, but yeah, sort of.

The fact that Tiger Woods sleeps around, didn’t surprise me.

Neither did every other athlete who had a “shocking” affair.

(those links are kinda fun. if you’re sick.  which I am.)

The fact that Jenn and Brad didn’t make it, saddened me, but didn’t surprise me.

The fact that Clinton screwed around with Monica Lewinsky?  Not at all surprising.

I am cynical, jaded and pessimistic.

And yet.  I really wanted to believe that Jesse James and Sandra Bullock had something.  Something surprising and good and real.  Maybe it was because of the kids.  And her die hard pursuit of making him a better dad. (or at least, giving his kids a better life.)

Because it was such a seemingly poor match.  But match they did. (or at least she seems to)

And for a moment I fell for the Hollywood Hype.

And the fact that I did isn’t what makes me sad (honestly, I am kind of glad that I am still (just a little) naive).  What makes me sad is that now I am less naive*, a little less likely to believe the fairy tale. A little more likely to believe that the evil witch always wins.

And so I am pissed** at him.  And at her.

For ruining my good feeling.

And maybe, maybe, one day I can forgive and forget.  But for right now, I need a little space.

And let me state for the record that if one more of my fairy tales ends in the near future I am calling for blood.

I am looking at you Jada and Will.   Please don’t let me down.

Oh and if you have not yet seen the woman with whom James was cheating, please do click through to the picture of her tattooed wonderfulness.  She is a sight.  All that and a white supremacist?  What more could a man ask for?

*naive has to be one of the most strangely spelled words, ever

** to be clear about this whole post – I don’t care too much about this situation (or Tiger Woods).  I have heard about it very peripherally and I don’t invest much time or emotion in the lives of people I don’t actually know.


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