Dog Days Continued

I feel like I should explain that we did not know that Rannin was dying.  I mean, yeah he was almost 11 but, still.  He threw up on Thursday night, wouldn’t eat dinner and by noon on Friday he was dead.

Before that he had been fine.  Older, slower, crankier, less engaged, but fine.

So this was sudden.  Not he was two and healthy sudden but he was 10 and healthy sudden.

We were not planning on getting a puppy to replace Rannin.  We were hoping he’d help  train the little whipper snapper for at least the next year, maybe two.

So, now we are not as sure about the puppy.

We may table the idea for a while.  But Reese, our other shepherd, was NOT the alpha dog and I am not so sure being alone will be good for him.

At the same time, he got more attention this weekend than he has gotten since the kids hit the scene and a puppy will take all of that away.

So…we’ll see.

It is weird to me how very weird it is to not have my dog in the house.

There’s this hole.


3 thoughts on “Dog Days Continued

  1. I worry about this. We have a puppy (10 months) and an old dog (10-11 years) and she’s at the end of her life. And we know it. When she goes, I know it will be tough for the puppy. Really difficult. But I think it will be most difficult for me.

  2. Aw, so sad how sudden it was. The emptiness is probably the worst part – there’s something about a house full of animals that makes me happy. Good luck, healing takes time…

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