the well read hostess

I published this last week and then took it down when my dog died.  So now I am putting it back up.

I read the well read hostess’ blog.  And this week she posted about over sharing bloggers.  And as I interpreted it, kind of what the point is of blogging.  Are bloggers using their blogs to avoid (that might not be the right word) their real lives?  Maybe replace their real lives is a better way to word it?

And for me it’s the ability to talk to people (read – you) like I’ve known you for years without actually having the time to build that long time long loved relationship.

Because… well I need to talk.  And I don’t have much time in real life to take the time that you need to invest in a relationship that has a foundation of years and shared experiences that leads to the comfort of  crying on someone’s shoulder.

I wish I had more real life, real good, friends.  I’ve written about that here actually.

I wish real life adult relationships were much more like when we were younger.

My six year old walks up to girls she has never met and says:

“let’s be friends.”

The other girl says “okay”

and they scurry off together.  Friends for eternity.  Or at least until we leave the playground.

And that’s how I feel about my blog and the blogs I read.  Friends forever, or at least until the next post.

I read blogs that touch and talk  to me.  I read the blogs of people who I feel I would like to spend time with in real life – if I had the time.

I read the stories of women (and some men) who have done something, or are doing something, that makes me feel for them.

Sometimes it’s sympathy.  Some times it’s anger or protective indignation.  Sometimes I  am the shoulder, sometimes I am the one crying…

And so I guess to a certain degree, my blog is, partially, a substitute for real life.

But I just posted this from work.

Because that’s where I am 9 hours of each day.

And while I would love to have the well read hostess over for lunch at my lunch hour, I only get a half an hour and she works too.

So instead, I write this blog.

And read her blog.

And for a few minutes out of my day, I connect.

edited to add that one of the other reasons that I blog is because I get the sweetest well wishes from people I have never met when my dog, that they have never met, dies.  I love the internet.


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