The dog days

Have you ever noticed how when your 11 year old dog dies you feel like you lost not just the friend that he became but also that little tiny puppy you brought home a decade ago?

Have you ever held your dead dog’s head in your lap while you cried about that loss?

Well I did today.

So I toast tonight to Rannin, my white German Shepherd.  “May you bark all you want tonight.  Without anyone yelling at you.  Not even once.”

You were my first child.  The first bond of love that my husband and I shared, before we were even married.  And while we had a rocky beginning and a not so stellar ending, the middle more than made up for it.

At least for me.

And I will miss you.


5 thoughts on “The dog days

  1. Oh no! I am so so sorry. He was a beautiful dog and I am glad to have known him. May Reese’s grief be managable, to say nothing of yours! Thinking of you tonight.

  2. oh my God, that is so sad, I feel for you…I lost my cat a few years ago to cancer, and it’s like losing a child or close loved one – the magnitutde of sadness is similar, our pets are our family. Take care, and may hugs to your dog, now in puppy heaven…

  3. Oh NO! I can’t imagine. But I will be facing it soon. I know it probably hurts really badly. The closest I ever got was the dog we had when I was in high school and our dog was hit by a car. Dreadful. But it wasn’t MY dog.

    Poor baby. Poor you.

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