Tres Tre

My husband and I have started the adoption process.

This feels a bit like telling people we are “trying” which means, um, something else entirely.  And let me tell you that other process?  A whole lot more fun.

I have a feeling that I will have many a post to share about this new phase but for now I am just excited.  We have selected an agency, set up our first class and…well the pee stick test was positive.  Now we wait.

We are not adopting a baby.  We want an older child.  But one that is not TOO old.  So we fall in this grayish area and so it will be a perilous journey with what I can only hope will be a happy ending in the long run.

And for now.  I am just happy.

Happy that we decided to do this.  Happy that we are willing to do the work involved.  Happy that right now our child is somewhere in this world and hopefully someday soon we will meet.

Oh, and on a similar note – we’re getting a puppy.  Soon.

True story:

I fell in love with a dog at a pet store.  I called my husband and told him I wanted the  puppy.

He said: ” why don’t we have another child instead?”

To which I responded:

“let’s do both.”

And that’s what we are going to do.

We are looking for a medium sized dog with short hair that is good with kids (3 of them!).  If you have any breed suggestions, please share.


5 thoughts on “Tres Tre

  1. smallish lab mixes might be your best bet. Like my Bristol. WRH’s bingo. They are both some kind of black lab/hound mix.

    Beagles howl. If you can hack it, their a good dog, too. Do NOT get a border collie. Nippy.

    Check out some local rescues like La Mancha or With Daawgs you have to have a fence, but LaMancha doesn’t seem to mind. They are both good orgs that rescue from high kill shelters.

    And, CONGRATS on both! I think it is great! Are you doing domestic or international?

  2. Well, congratulations to you both, on both adoption and the puppy.

    And for totally selfish reasons, I am looking forward to living vicariously through you — I’ve always wanted to adopt, but B has not interested. Also? The kids are dogging me for a dog, and I’m just not ready for that yet…

  3. Such wonderful news! Congratulations and all good luck to you all. And I have a friend who runs a rescue organization if you want to work with her.
    As my husband once told me, “Ginger will never die.” But if we were to get another pooch, I have always wanted a Cavalier King Charles. Great temperaments.

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