Hey Ho Howdy

Where have YOU been?

I mean really.  Where have you been?  What have you been up to?


Oh I’ve gotten better at living and worse at blogging.  I guess.

Let me tell you what I have been doing.

I have been saying yes.

Yes, you can some snuggle with me until the alarm clock goes off.

Yes, we can play in the snow until we freeze.

Yes, I would love to read you that book.

Yes, I will sit with you while you watch your show.

Yes, we can go to the aquarium AND play outside.




And this is making my life better.  This is making my kids happier.  This is giving me the feeling that I am a better mom, person and wife.

So, am I glad that my life is getting better but my blogging is suffering?

(ummm. yes!)

I found that no had become my reflex.  I was rushing myself and my kids through a life that none of us was taking the time to enjoy.  So, yes.  I am stopping to smell the flowers.  In the middle of winter.

And my kids call me “fun mom” and hug me more.

And I love this new yes.


2 thoughts on “Hey Ho Howdy

  1. So, it’s like being a “Yes Man”, but more like “Yes Mom”. Which is much different than “yes, mom” but may lead to hearing more “yes, mom”s. And everyone is happier?

    I will try this.

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