Ectopic Pregnancy – The Horror Film

Please note:  this is in reference to the events of a few months ago.  Do not adjust your screens…

It started just like any good slasher.

With blood.  Lots of Blood.

And our heroine said what all poor unsuspecting horror film star says when confronted with something so obviously – wrong.

“how peculiar.”


“oh well”.

And went on about her day. 

And days and days of blood followed.

“hmmmm.  That IS strange”

Says our heroine as she goes about the business of living, working and being a mom.

Now the crowd in the theater knows.  They came to see a horror film.  And they know that this is not right,  that something wicked this way comes.

But that person on the screen?  Totally effing clueless. 

Sad to say, I am that person on the screen.

I am that clueless buffoon who just keeps on keeping on instead of getting the hell out of dodge.  Instead of recognizing that there is a man in a mask hiding behind my curtains.

And the saddest part of the whole thing is that this was the SEQUEL.  Surely, you’d think I would have learned my lesson in Ectopic Pregnancy I so that I would be prepared for Ectopic Pregnancy II?

Hell the doctors TOLD me there would probably be a sequel. 

“Watch out for the guy with the knife,” they said, “Make sure you check your back seat when you get in the car, and behind your curtains.”

“Be on the look out.”

But somehow I wasn’t.  And the knife wielding maniac called fate got me good.

And so I will say to all of you who will listen that you have to pay attention to the signs. 

Not just with this particular type of event, but with everything.

Your body tries it’s best to tell you when something is wrong.

Do your best to listen.


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