It’s a wrap…

Because I make a lot of the above.

I am thinking about buying these .

They are these neat wraps for sandwiches that unfold into a clean mat for said sandwich.

Which I think is a pretty neat idea.

But then, I bought these.

Which are these very cool washable reusable grocery bags.  And while I do love them, I rarely remember to bring them to the grocery store.  Well, by “rarely” I mean never.

They are great for hauling “stuff” around town though so they have come in handy.  Just not as intended.

So, before I shell out the dough for another misguided attempt to save the world (one sandwich bag at a time) I thought I would ask.   Should I?  Would you?  Have you?


They are $7.50 a pop.  Not small change when you think about the fact that I will need at least 6…

Soooooo…yes? no?

Where do you fall?  Also, any ideas on things you have that meet this need (or any other eco-friendly products) are appreciated.

Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on “It’s a wrap…

  1. Lunchboxes slay me because no matter what size or shape little container I use, I still need to use baggies to fit everything in.
    That said, I am planning to buy one wrap to see how it works. If it flies, I’ll buy more.
    And, while it’s a dangerous place to hang around with a credit card, have you tried Lots of moms there supporting their families selling eco friendly lunch stuff, and some might be cheaper.
    Keep us posted!

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