Oh Me, Oh Maya


My daughter turned 6 yesterday.


She will have a fun filled party at our local “Fun Factory” this weekend.  I also plan on taking her to a show this Saturday with a family friend.  But her actual birthday was marked with school cupcakes and a gift or two.

And still she turned 6.

No matter that I am completely amazed that this happened.

No matter that she was just a baby yesterday.  Pulling away from me, sound asleep, with one small dribble of milk trapped in the corner of her mouth and a look of pure contentment on her tiny little face.

No matter what.

She now is 6.

And she is this super-fantastic, strong willed, stubborn, singing, swirling bundle of 6.

And as her mom…I am awed.

No longer a toddler.  Truly a kid.



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