A Cleansing Pain



This Post about how being a parent is like tending an open wound…

…made me thankful that I am that kind of parent.


Because not all parents are.  That kind of parent I mean.

Some parents are this kind.

The link is to an explanation of the “common” causes of death for the victims of child abuse.

There should be no such thing as a common anything when it comes to child abuse.

So I feel lucky that I am the parent that understands the idea that my kid’s pain is worse than my own.  Who feels each (genuine) tear like a scalding acid on my already tender heart.

But.  I also feel lucky that my kids have that kind of mom.

Because every once in a while it’s good to pat yourself on the back.

Even if it’s just to congratulate yourself for not being…horrible.

Celebrate the victories.


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