Urn baby Urn

Wood-UrnsThis box looks a lot like the one my sister-in-law rests in.  The brown one, in front.

She looks a lot like the black sand gravel that people use in fish tanks when it is dry and gray.

I know this because after she died, I scooped up a little of her and put it into a little glass charm for my husband to wear around his neck.

And he did.  For a little while.

I touched the ashes.  And it didn’t wig me out.  It was just ash.

This post at A child was born got me thinking about my sister in law again.

The question is if she had been able to see a future that was pretty good, pretty happy, often wonderful, but sometimes sad – would she have stayed?  Would she have stuck around?

We’ll never know the answer.

The urn’s not talking.


3 thoughts on “Urn baby Urn

  1. you never know. she probably wouldn’t have known either, had you a chance to ask her.

    i’ve been in a place before where no picture ever could have convinced me to stay. why i’m here i have no idea, but i’m glad i am.

    life is strange.
    and painful.
    and beautiful.

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