The Fab Four Friday

No, not that four.

I was listening to the radio (vicariously) and they were talking about the four people you would most like to spend the day with.  A politician, an athlete, a musician and an actor.  Here’s my four:

The Politician:

Barney Frank.  If you don’t know who this is, do a quick YouTube search.  He is just way too honest and outspoken to  be a politician and that is what makes him a fabulous politician.  He is quick thinking, intelligent and seems to truly care about the post that he holds and the country he represents.  And he’s funny.  FUNNY.  Oh and he’s gay.  Which is significant only in the stories he would have about being the first OUT politician…

The Actor:

Will Smith.  It’s all about humor for me.  And hotness.  And look!  He has both.  In spades.  I love Will Smith because he seems like the kind of guy I would have loved to have loved.  And as long as Jada wasn’t anywhere near us to scare me, I think we could have a fun day.  Purely platonic – promise!

The Athlete:

Chris Evert.  The lone female of my picks and the athlete, hmmm.  My parents would be so proud since they are DIE HARD tennis fans.  And I guess it rubbed off because she beat out Tiger Woods in my conjecture.  I would love to play a round with her and hear the stories of her touring years.  Plus, she seems nice.

The Musician:

Let me start by saying that while I do love the Beatles, I am not a ravenous Beatles fan.  Having said that, I would choose Paul McCartney.  Well because, stories people.  STORIES.  And again, despite his recent marriage debacle, he seems like a cool dude.  And he has writer’s mind.  He must, he’s a writer.  And my feelings of wanting to hear his stories overpowered my need to choose my brother’s all time favorite musician – Neil Peart – (also an excellent writer) just so I could gloat…

Speaking of writers  I would add a fifth category.  And that would be

The Author:

I find that this is a MUCH harder choice for me.  My knee jerk is Maya Angelou.  Well BECAUSE, obviously.  She is a poet who writes about power.  For women.  And she must have a wealth of really valuable words inside her head that I would love to hear.  But I have heard that she is not so nice.  And not so willing to share her words, so I don’t know…

Another choice would be William Goldman.  I heard that.  You just said – who?

Well Old Billy is the guy who wrote The Princess Bride.  My all time favorite book (and movie).  He also wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  And again, with the humor – FUNNY!  Funny guy, SMART funny.  And so, there you go.

I didn’t link to Wiki for any of these because I figure if you are interested enough you can click over there yourself. I also tried to limit my choices to folks who are alive.  My folks who are dead is an entirely different list.

Hitler or Winston Churchill – Politician

Josephine Baker – Actor

Bob Marley – Musician

Shakespeare – Author

And athlete just is not that important to me I guess…I could not think of anyone.

But I would love to know you’re fab 4 (or 5) if you care to blog with me…


2 thoughts on “The Fab Four Friday

  1. Oh, this is a perfect way to spend a rainy Friday! My alive folks are:
    Politician: Bernie Saunders, VT
    Actor: Kevin Klein
    Athlete: Tiger Woods
    Musician: Todd Rundgren
    Author: Michael Chabon

    Politician: Thomas Jefferson
    Actor: Heath Ledger
    Athlete: Jackie Robinson
    Musician: Tie between Lowell George and Jerry Garcia
    Author: Kurt Vonnegut

  2. OH! I Can answer this one!
    Sarah Palin (hear me out, just wanna see what she’s really like, don’t wanna vote for her)
    Wil Wheaton
    Yo Yo Ma
    The author of the Twilight books (so I can slap her) and JK Rowlings (so we can have tea together)

    Marilyn Monroe
    John Lennon
    Jane Austen


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