Please be careful, I worked hard on that…

I caution my children when they are “running around like crazy beans”* that they need to be more careful because I worked hard on that, foot, arm, hand, finger or any other part that they happen to be placing in peril.

And I wonder about that. At what point will they stop being my creation?

The easy answer is both: 1.the day they were born and 2.never.

And I’m okay with that.

As I often comment to my husband as we watch in awe as our children, well simply, live.

We do good work.

Here’s hope you’re having a better Thursday than I am.

* I am not sure how it started but I always call them crazy beans when they are acting wild. And because beans are not, in fact, crazy I have developed a little cartoon in my mind called The Crazy Beans that helps to back up my claim. Isn’t the imagination wonderful?


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