What is it about the stupid?

Here is a great quote I heard recently:

“We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world because we can – we’re Americans.  And if you can’t afford it, then you don’t get it, that’s how America works.” ( This was on the radio, so I am paraphrasing)

This was from a protestor in my home town.

And I love her.  Literally, love her.

It’s just so clear in her world of haves and have nots.  So very black and white (no racial pun intended, even though it is so appropriate).  I am sure she would also tell you that the government should not pay for education either, if anyone asked her (I hope no one did).  Because that’s how she rolls.

The other thing I am sure of – she is one of the haves.  As in she has health insurance.  And clearly, that is good enough for her.

And then I have been focusing on the nurses who cared for me at the hospital and how as I sat waiting to be rolled in to surgery to have my child removed from my belly, they sat talking about the one girl’s little baby bump and arguing about just how pregnant she was.

This discussion went on for the duration of my wait for the surgeon.  Just a few minutes really, but it seemed like forever.  And the not scared, freaked out version of me that I am now, wants desperately to find them and tell them just how much harder they made my world for those few minutes.

Truly, if I am honest, I just want to slap them.

Health Insurance.  I switched policies for four months in the beginning of this year and I am in the middle of fighting the case against the catch phrase swirling around the healthcare debates – “pre-existing condition”.

The good news – this is a fight that at this point, I am pretty sure I will win.  But the cost for losing is close to 5k.  And that’s just for routine follow up and yearly exams (somehow deemed a previous condition – because I was alive before I had it?).

Luckily for everyone we had switched back to our previous carrier before the big explosion.  Because I am not sure if I mentioned it but the bill I received?  $99,586.00.

That’s right 99 THOUSAND dollars to NOT have a baby.

And here’s the thing that I know.  No one paid that amount.  Not my insurance company.  It’s also not the amount I would have paid if I had to pay it myself because if you call the hospital they usually give you a “self-payer” “courtesy” deduction.  (see my notes about the struggle I am having with bills to understand HOW I know this).

So, the question is, what is that number exactly?  How do you figure $35,000 in OR expenses?  How do they come to that figure.  And more importantly, what do they use it for?

The good news – my part of this almost one-hundred thousand dollar bill – $400.


Except when you remember that I pay twice that each fucking month for the coverage.

Can we say health care reform?

Yes we can!


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