The ideal life


I was reading another one of those “mommy war” articles.  This one was about a lady who had decided to “give it all up” and raise her family on an organic farm.  She gets up between 2-6 am and goes to bed before 11 if she’s lucky.  Slaughters her own animals, grows her own food, etc.  And somehow describes this as the ideal life.

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually do see the appeal.  I even want a part of that eventually.  But.  It’s not my ideal.

So I started thinking about what my ideal is.  Ever had that conversation with yourself?

Well, we probably should.

So I decided to start small.  I am going to figure out: what are the three things I enjoy most in the life I am currently living?

Care to play along?

At the moment I can’t get past my Tazo Chai tea latte…


4 thoughts on “The ideal life

  1. Whoa. Read this post while drinking my own Tazo Chai tea latte…

    Tea is one of the three things I enjoy most… Not just for the drink, but because it forces me to take a few minutes out of my day to sip and contemplate.

    The other two are reading and writing.

  2. Let’s see…

    The things I enjoy most are (1) a good night’s sleep (because it is so rare here) (2) Tea, because it makes my life worth living. (3) a day without a problem with my kids. In autism world, meltdowns, escapes and aggression abound. At least in our autism world. I am praying we aren’t one of those families who end up calling a crisis center.

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